A few years ago, an acquaintance fell very ill and was admitted to a hospital in Dhaka. The patient’s health condition was so unstable that doctors had to perform surgery right away. Specialist doctors performed the surgery, after which the patient was moved to the ICU. However, his condition began to worsen rapidly. Family members decided to move the patient to a more reputed and upscale hospital hoping for better treatment After an investigation, it was found that the breathing tube that went inside the patient’s throat in the first hospital, had deadly germs in it which led to post-operative infections, and hence the suffering of both the patient and the family.. After a few months, he finally recovered, but the family had spent all of its savings.

We all have stories of such incidents where a family member or a friend has suffered, at great personal or financial expense, due to our irresponsible health system. As responsible citizens, there are many things for us to do.

In my 21 years of professional experience in healthcare organizations, I have seen firsthand just how helpless this country’s patients are. I believe it is high time we start taking effective steps within our capacity by raising awareness and directly working towards improving our health care services. We all should think of patients as our own family members – only then can we bring about a real change.

Those directly involved with healthcare services, such as doctors, nurses, and technicians, should be more accountable and connect to the vulnerability of their patients. They should also remain updated with the latest developments and innovations in medical care.  

Today, patients still prefer to travel to India, Thailand, Singapore, and beyond for medical care. This needs to change. Fortunately, there are people who are taking innovative steps to effectively change the poor condition of our healthcare system and have the potential to successfully take it a step ahead in the right direction.

The team at Praava Health is working hard every day to build an organization where patients will be treated with proper care and empathy. The aim is for our countrymen to regain confidence in our healthcare system and not face the atrocious outcomes many have fallen victim to in the past. We are dedicated to achieving and maintaining international standards of healthcare services in Bangladesh and to providing the kind of treatment everyone rightfully deserves.

I used to dream of working with an organization where I could contribute to the betterment of the society – and not just earn a living. Praava Health provided me that opportunity, and I am proud to be a part of it. I wake up every morning knowing that I am doing my part to serve the people of my country in my own small way.

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