“Whenever patients call us, they are just a little bit panicked, maybe they only have a cough, and that’s all, no more symptoms. In many such cases, our doctors tell them that they’re okay and they probably don’t have coronavirus but there are few cases where the doctors are seeing more and more symptoms and then the patients are told to contact IEDCR, that they should get tested. We try to support them by connecting them to the government so that they can learn more and see if they can access their healthcare system. But a lot of the people are mostly just calling to know how they can protect their family.” 

On Thursday, April 2, Praava Health’s Founder & Chairman, Sylvana Q. Sinha joined remotely from New York on ATN News Live to talk about the novel coronavirus, the situation in New York and Bangladesh, and what Praava is doing for our patients.

Click here to watch the video. 

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