We at Praava Health are doing everything we can to support you during this global pandemic. We have launched a COVID-19 self assessment tool that can help you to assess whether you may have the virus and identify practical next steps based on your symptoms and personal profile. It hopefully can help clear any doubts or confusion you may have regarding whether or not you may be infected. 

Depending on your results, you will be given information about whether and how to get tested, or how to set up telehealth or video consultations with Praava doctors, which will allow you to talk to a healthcare professional without leaving your house and putting yourself and others at risk. 

Praava Health has also launched a dedicated COVID-19 website to raise awareness about the pandemic, how to protect oneself against the spread of disease, and generally to keep everyone posted on the fast-moving situation in Bangladesh. 

For now, stay indoors and stay safe – for yourself, your family, and our community.

Remember, at Praava you are more than just a Patient, you are family.  

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