“When a patient comes and holds their arm out to you, and asks you to draw their blood, that is a tremendous amount of trust they’re giving you. And it is a privilege that they are trusting us with that. And we have to take that very, very seriously. And that has to happen one patient at a time.” – Sylvana Sinha

Our Founder & CEO, Ms. Sylvana Sinha was featured on an episode of the podcast Connecting the Dots, where she shared her journey of founding Praava Health, its brick-and-click model of healthcare, and her mission to build a health system in Bangladesh that fosters trust and provides high-quality care to Bangladeshis.    

Listen to the full Podcast here

The New York University (NYU) School of Professional Studies (SPS) Center for Global Affairs Connecting the Dots podcast series is for the next generation of global professionals and will tackle key global challenges by turning ideas into action. The podcasts are hosted by Dr. Christian Busch, a clinical assistant professor at Center for Global Affairs (CGA) and the director of its Global Economy concentration, and author of The Serendipity Mindset, who teaches classes on purpose-driven leadership, impact entrepreneurship, social innovation, and emerging markets.

The podcasts bring together some of the world’s leading experts on areas related to global challenges, and each episode tackles new and pressing global issues from human rights, sustainable development, and international business.    

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