Praava Health announces partnership with Joslin Diabetes Center

NOVEMBER 14, 2017, DHAKA, BANGLADESH – Praava Health announces a new partnership today with USA-based Joslin Diabetes Center to connect patients in Bangladesh with world class diabetes care and prevention. A non-profit affiliate of Harvard Medical School, Joslin is the world’s largest diabetes research center, diabetes clinic, and provider of diabetes education.

In Bangladesh, one in nine people over the age of 35 has diabetes, and one in every four has pre-diabetes. Praava Health is bringing Joslin’s innovative therapies from the US to patients at the inaugural Praava Family Health Center in Dhaka. The partnership also aims to raise awareness of diabetes and pre-diabetes prevention for patients, through specialised training of Praava Health’s medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, and health coaches.

“Diabetes can be controlled, and Praava Health is partnering with Joslin Diabetes Center to make sure the 8.4 million Bangladeshis with diabetes have this control in their hands,” Praava Health CEO Ms. Sylvana Sinha said. “Praava Health medical teams can now care for diabetic and pre-diabetic patients with the same tools and approaches used in the world’s best diabetes clinics. ”

“When your diabetes is under control, the risks of heart attacks, eye problems, nerve damage, kidney, and teeth and gum problems are reduced. The partnership between Praava Health and Joslin Diabetes Center brings reassurance to Praava patients that their diabetes will be managed in a holistic way,” said Dr. Faisal Rahman, Medical Director of Praava Health.

“We are pleased to be working with Praava Health to serve patients globally, and we are excited to bring the best in diabetes care to Bangladesh,” said Robert Gabbay, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President, Joslin Diabetes Center. “Through Praava, our educational tools and training will help us collaborate with the physicians and healthcare professionals, and support the best health outcomes for Praava patients,” he added.

About Joslin Diabetes Center:

Joslin Diabetes Center is an independent, non-profit institution affiliated with Harvard Medical School, and one of only 11 NIH-designated Diabetes Research Centers in the U.S.  As a nonprofit, Joslin depends on the generosity of donors in advancing our mission

Joslin is dedicated to conquering diabetes in all of its forms, and is the global leader in diabetes research, care and education. Joslin research is at the forefront of discoveries aimed at preventing and curing diabetes. The Joslin clinics develop innovative patient therapies and educational programs that immeasurably improve the lives of people with diabetes.