I am part of Praava’s team because we are revolutionizing healthcare in Bangladesh! Patients are the center and the most valuable part of our team.

Dr. Rahman is a physician by profession. He has a Master’s Degree in Hospital Administration and was a faculty member at North South University, Department of Public Health. He has also been working as a consultant in the healthcare industry of Bangladesh for many years now. Dr. Rahman has written several research papers, including on the following topics: “Patient Migration to Big Cities,” “Importance of Accreditation System in Hospitals in Bangladesh & other LDC countries,” and “HIV/AIDS Knowledge, Risk Perception & Sexual Behavior of Private University Students in Dhaka.” 

Dr. Rahman is a strong believer in continuous learning throughout one’s career and actively seeks opportunities to maintain his expertise by attending professional workshops at home and abroad. He is currently pursuing an online PGDip on Hospital Administration at Medivarsity, Hyderabad, India.