I am part of Praava’s team because Praava is truly working every day to provide world-class patient care at affordable prices in Bangladesh in a sustainable way using a smart combination of operating, clinical, and technology models.

Manav is leading the Business Transformation Office at Praava with the primary goal of building critical capabilities to support the rapid growth for Praava. Manav has over 20 years of management consulting experience in Healthcare, Technology, Telecommunications, and Financial sectors in India, Canada, USA, & Germany.

Manav has led global teams on various challenging projects, managing complex changes to develop scalable capabilities rapidly, evaluating operational vulnerabilities posing risk to the firm’s growth potential or consumers experience, and leveraging data to design outcome-driven analytics to spearhead planning cycles with the leadership teams. In healthcare, Manav has successfully managed transformational initiatives with Fraser Health, Vancouver, West Canada region in cardiology, public health, acute care, mental health, emergency and tertiary care domains for many years. In the South Asia region, Manav has partnered with leading organizations in healthcare research, teleradiology, telehealth, primary health, diagnostics, home healthcare, and technology to design-develop-deploy numerous capabilities. 

Before deciding to switch to healthcare, Manav has worked as part of consulting teams at IBM GBS Canada and TCS. Driven by his passion for improving healthcare for the masses, he brings in a unique skill of blending the complexities of operations with the needs of the stakeholders (patients, doctors, and administrators) leveraging technology, marketing, and financial models to create the perfect experience with the right outcomes.

Manav’s journey at Praava started when Praava was only a concept. Working with Praava inspires him everyday to keep pushing himself.