COVID-19 Supportive Package

Praava’s COVID-19 Supportive Package is designed to help COVID-positive patients manage their illness and get back on their feet quickly.

Designed for Patients with COVID-19

Praava’s COVID-19 Supportive Package is a suite of tests that assesses the severity of your infection and indicates your risk of developing complications. Doctors can also use these tests as a guide as to whether you need to be admitted to a hospital or you can be treated at home.

  • D-dimer
  • C-Reactive Protein (CRP)
  • Ferritin
  • ​Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • ​S-Creatinine
  • ​Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH)
  • ​S. Electrolyte
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  • ​Free Home Sample Collection
  • ​Free Video Consultation with a doctor

Government approved COVID-19 Certification

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your doctor feels that you are showing signs of moderate or severe COVID-19 infection, these tests can help them to advise you on how to manage the virus.

If you have tested COVID-19 negative but you are highly symptomatic for COVID-19.

By doing these tests, your doctor can assess the severity of your case, the risk of complications, and the need for hospitalisation.

The Praava team can collect these blood samples by coming to your home in full PPE and maintaining infection protocols.

If your tests showed abnormal findings, then your doctor may advise you to repeat these tests at some point during your illness and recovery period.